Gipsy Hill – Sole Seller

Sole Seller – English IPA 6%

Hops Used – Bramling Cross, Phoenix, Admiral

Flavour Profile – Blackcurrant and herbaceous citrus, with a rolling earthy bitterness

Gipsy Hill have been crafting delicious and inventive beers in South London since 2014, and now have an enviable reputation for quality and brewing innovation. From the very beginning their ethos was always about “brewing the best beer we could” and since then a spirit of experimentation, listening closely to customers and ensuring they remain an integral part of their local community has bought them success and nationwide recognition. Part of that has also been the careful choice of collaboration partners who share the same values.

Their brew team were looking for something interesting to kick off their collaborations in 2021 and feedback from customers indicated they were open to trying something new and different. Having built a close relationship with the Gipsy Hill team over several years Jim Wilson, sales manager at Brook House Hops, was able to demonstrate the very high-quality range of fresh English hops that we grow across our farms and could happily supply direct.

“We were then delighted when Gipsy Hill decided to extend their popular range of special IPAs to develop a classic English IPA brewed with 100% British hops and all from our very own farms at Brook House.

I’ve been working with the team at Gipsy Hill since 2015 and have always been impressed by their devotion to quality and innovation. It’s great to watch your customers grow and evolve, even more so when you can help them to do that. I spoke with Sam McMeekin, one of the founders, about the appetite for English hops amongst craft brewers, who predominantly use New World varieties, in the U.K. and it was really encouraging to hear that if the right product was offered then there would be no hesitation in using home grown Hops.”

– Jim

Beer trends often sway back and forth between styles and flavours and keeping ahead of customer preferences is something we pride ourselves on at Gipsy Hill. Recently there has been a growing interest in the provenance of our ingredients among beer fans, and so this naturally leads to a move towards trying more English hops. With new growers like Brook House Hops raising the bar when it comes to hop freshness, extensive choice, and a unique personalised direct-to-brewer service, we were obviously keen to give them a try. As soon as we’d experienced the quality of hops in the samples first-hand we were confident that the final brew would be a success, and we selected Bramling Cross, Phoenix and Admiral to get that perfect combination of fruity notes with a subtle level of earthy bitterness for balance.

Director of Brewing Operations, Ciearan Gibling

Sole Seller is a limited-edition small batch brew and features trademark Gipsy Hill iconic can artwork by Tom Jay that this time was inspired by Beth, their Indie Sales Manager. It tells the story of the challenges of working from home during lockdown with Beth busy keeping up her sample dropping fitness levels on her treadmill.

Our sales manager Jim, has not requested a treadmill from us yet but we feel it is only a matter of time…

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