Jump Ship – Phoenix Landing (0.5% ABV)

Jump Ship Phoenix Landing

Rye IPA – 0.5% ABV

Hops Used – PilgrimPhoenix

Flavour Profile – Deliciously nutty rye IPA, with sweet and spicy aromas, plenty of body, and a nice touch of bitterness.

Jump Ship are an Edinburgh-based brewery who specialise in creating world-class alcohol-free beer. Started by Sonja Mitchell in 2019 their flagship beer Yardarm, has already picked up an award for the best no and low alcohol lager at the World Beer Awards in 2021.

Sonja is as passionate about sailing as she is about great-tasting beer and believes both are best enjoyed without a hangover. The brewery’s nautical theme is ever present throughout the range of beers they produce and 10% of their profits are donated to charity.

We got in touch with the Jump Ship team before our harvest hop walks to see if they would brew up an alcohol-free storm that could showcase some of our finest home-grown British hops. The result was our first ever low alcohol collab, Phoenix Landing (0.5% ABV) which was a real hit with our visiting brewers and resounding proof that quality British hops can work extremely well in the no/low market too.

Pilgrim & Phoenix hit that perfect sweet spot.

Phoenix Hops

Phoenix has been one of our stand-out varieties in recent years so it was no surprise that they were chosen by Jump Ship’s Head Brewer, Pete Sharp, for their uniquely sweet, floral and spicy aromas. Pilgrim was also added for bittering and to provide enough depth and balance without the risk of overpowering the Phoenix. Producing flavoursome low alcohol beer is not easy and Jump Ship know that precision control of the brewing process is vital to achieving that perfect sweet spot during fermentation where hoppy flavours can still develop but the alcohol can’t.

Malt is a key ingredient in all beer but is particularly important in adding much-needed heft to alcohol-free beers, which are sometimes lacking in complexity and depth.  With this in mind, Jump Ship opted for a combination of crystal malts, rye and oats, aiming for a British twist on the American Red Ale style. This would help provide a more robust mouth feel as well as impart a satisfying nuttiness that beautifully compliments the fruity spice of the hops.

Once the beer was ready, we invited Sonja to our hop farm and were delighted when she made the long trip down from Edinburgh to Herefordshire to serve up a few bottles of Phoenix Landing to fellow brewers during our hop walks.

“It was fantastic to be able to meet the team behind the hops at Brook House farm. Seeing hops being harvested and processed first hand gives you a real appreciation for the hard work and pride that goes into these high-quality ingredients. It also makes us even more determined as brewers to keep using British hops and ensure this passion comes through in the finished beer.”

Bekie Humphries at Brook House Hops worked closely with the Jump Ship team to arrange the collab.

“It was such a pleasure to work with Jump Ship on what we hope will be the first of many no/low alcohol collabs. I am so gripped with excitement about the rapid growth and genius in this area of the beer market, and at Brook House Hops we know that it’s an area where high-quality flavour-packed brewing ingredients are arguably even more important; as their contribution to the finished beer is so immediately evident.

Jump Ship are quite rightly making waves in the beer market, and as innovative and progressive hop growers, who are also relatively new to the industry, we can’t wait to see how they grow their business. I’m so excited to taste more of their hugely refreshing beers in the future!”

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