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Brook House Hops are one of the largest hop growers in Europe, and the biggest in the UK.

We are meticulous about delivering the highest quality, super-fresh hops directly to brewers around the world from our farms in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. We grow classic and contemporary British hop varieties and supply some of the most popular and sought-after hops from the US, NZ and Europe plus a comprehensive range of malts and yeast.

Everything is cold-stored on site to lock in those precious aromas, flavours and oils and can be ordered quickly and easily from our website for delivery within 48 hours to UK mainland addresses.

As fresh as the day they were harvested…

We’re offering you the chance to sample a few of the finest British Hops fresh from our 2021 harvest.

Simply complete the form below and we’ll send you a sample pack of our lovingly grown Phoenix, Target and Goldings whole cone hops. If there are other hops that you’d like to sample from our UK, US or NZ varieties please let us know in the space provided below.

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Delivery Address
If you’re interested in any other hop varieties from our UK, US, NZ or EU range, or would like details on our Malt and Yeast products and prices please drop us a note in the box above or call us on (01885) 562462.

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