British hops sought after in Europe

Brook House Hops are one of the few British farms that still send their hops into Europe.

Although Brexit regulations made exporting more complex, Brook House Hops have worked hard to continue to support a growing European customer base and so invested in temperature-controlled storage facilities in the Netherlands. This makes shipping hops into Europe quicker and easier and most importantly ensures their hops reach brewers in perfect condition.

Seb Nielsen, Managing Director at Brook House Hops commented;

“We’ve got a lot of fans of our British hops scattered all over the world, and especially in Europe, but getting our hops to them isn’t always easy. Maintaining high levels of hop quality and freshness throughout the entire delivery chain is critical whether we’re shipping directly to brewers in the UK or to our customers overseas.

Having spent many months carefully growing, picking and processing our hops it is essential that the last part of the journey from farm to brewer runs smoothly. We are the only UK hop farm to have our own on-site solar-powered cold store and this makes a massive difference to the intensity of our hops. Once harvested our hops are cold-stored in 24hrs to lock in aromas and flavours, and brewers are generally amazed at the difference in quality. We work closely with our distribution partners in the Netherlands and do everything we can to make sure our hops arrive with European brewers in perfect condition too.

The craft beer scene continues to grow across Europe and earlier this year we spoke to several brewers and distributors at a craft beer conference in the Netherlands who value British hops extremely highly. They were delighted to see us there as they don’t want to have to change their popular beer recipes. British hop varieties provide a wide range of complex flavours and add much-needed balance and unique bitterness to a variety of beer styles, so can’t be easily substituted.”

French craft brewers celebrate British hops

Several leading French craft breweries recently got together to celebrate British hops with a special set of collaboration beers that all featured 100% Brook House Hops.

After several months of brewing with a wide selection of the finest and freshest hops 14 breweries got together to take over the tap room at the exclusive craft beer bar/ restaurant La Fine Mousse in Paris. A fantastic range of classic and experimental beer styles really highlighted the amazing brewing possibilities available with premium British hops. A full list of the brewers involved and their amazing British beer creations are listed below.


Ice Breaker




La P’Tite Maiz

Singe Savant



Bon Poison

La Canute Lyonnaise





Lemon Curd Milkshake IPA

British Cream Ale

Imperial Porter

Barley Wine

English IPA



Strong Bitter

Extra Strong Bitter


English West Coast IPA

Extra Special Bitter

Best Bitter


Bakers Treat

God Save the Cream

Calvin & Hobnobs

The Lil’ House

Monkey Brexit

Stella Marris

Strong Bitter

Twin Dead Skulls

La Quaie Pecherie

Straight Outaa Hop’ton

London Street

Camden Best Bitter



Goldings, Bramling X,

Goldings, Target, UK Chinook

Phoenix, Pilgrim, Admiral


Target, Admiral, Pilgrim

Phoenix, Target

Admiral, Phoenix, Progress

Progress, Pilgrim, Phoenix

UK Chinook

Goldings, Target, Phoenix

Phoenix, Target

As well as their own award-winning hops Brook House Hops can also supply a wide selection of US, NZ and European hops to brewers from their warehouse in the Netherlands.

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