I’m really excited to announce that Brook House Hops is changing the way that hop farmers and brewers trade, by selling our hops online; making us the first direct to brewer hop grower in the UK!

Traditionally, hops are sold via merchants, however, we believe that this new direct approach will be well received by brewers who are looking for; greater transparency,  provenance, freshness and access to specialist varieties, at a time when there is a boom in craft beers.

Our 2017 hop crop will be available to purchase from April on The Lupulin Exchange, an online marketplace for hop buying; already popular in the United States. In addition, we plan to offer a sales portal through our website in the near future.

I really think that the increasing demand for craft beers requires a new approach to growing and sourcing hops. Brewers are looking for new flavours and better quality hops. We’re as meticulous about the quality of our hops as the finest craft brewers are about their beer. We all want to know the source of our fruit and vegetables why should hops be any different?

My aim is to grow the most aromatic and verdant hops in the UK as well as sourcing new and unusual varieties from the US. Much like grapes, it’s all about the terroir and there are some really interesting varieties grown in the US such as Citra and Amarillo that we want to introduce to the UK. I’ve been working closely with a group of American hop farmers and we now have a complete refrigerated supply chain to ensure that these hops get to brewers in the best possible shape!

If you are a brewery and are interested in buying your hops direct please find us now on the Lupulin Exchange.

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