Petainer Hybrid Keg

  • Eco-friendly with reusable chimes made from 100% recyclable material.
  • Lightweight build materials with puncture-resistant (fail-safe) walls.
  • Supplied pre-purged with pressure relief tool for safe disposal.
  • Simple plug & play compatible with most common fitting types.
  • One-way keg helps reduce the carbon footprint of breweries.

Minimum order quantity = 1 pallet

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The real alternative to steel kegs

Petainer Hybrid Keg offers commercial benefits for long-distance domestic or export markets and makes it easier for draught beverages to enter more on-premise establishments. It reduces the need for constant reinvestment in steel keg floats. Pre-purged with Nitrogen and ready to use, Hybrid Keg is a true “plug and play” solution free from the troubles of keg losses and write-offs.

Reduce Capex through no keg losses and no keg washers needed.
Eliminate return logistics and reduce outbound logistics to reduce logistics costs.
Eliminate wastewater and other utilities costs; including labour and administration costs.

The safest one-way keg

Three distinctive safety features make the Hybrid keg the perfect product to protect your beverage along the entire supply chain and to be easily handled by your customers in any hospitality venue.

Thanks to the Puncture Resistant Wall, the Hybrid Keg will fail safely if punctured during use. This means that if the keg is ruptured by accident, it will depressurise while keeping its structural integrity.

Every Petainer Hybrid keg is supplied with a Pressure Relief Tool (PRT) to relieve the pressure after the beverage is dispensed. The PRT is attached to the neck area and engages the valve on the keg to depressurise and prepare the keg for recycling.

The Pressure Relief Disc, available as an additional feature, is built into the fitting to prevent accidental over pressurisation, providing end to end supply chain safety with evidence of an overpressure event clearly indicated.

Up to 60% recycled material

The Hybrid ‘Chimes’ (the top and bottom components) are made of 100% recycled material. This unique feature makes the Petainer Hybrid Keg the only one-way keg to use up to 60% recycled material.

Reusing the Chimes

Reusing the chimes also represents significant opportunities for further cost savings. The chimes are easily detachable and if reused can save up to 40% on your next purchase. If they cannot be returned, you can simply recycle them instead.

Additional information


20 Ltr, 30 Ltr

Chime Option

With Chimes, Without Chimes

Technical Summary Capacity Diameter Height CO2 Loss
(>9 months)
O2 Ingress
(>12 months)
Maximum Operating Pressure UV and light Protection Fittings
Hybrid 30 30L 305 mm 595 mm < 15% < 200 ppb 4.1 bar,
up to 500 nm A, G, S, D
Hybrid 20 20L 243 mm 593.5 mm < 15% < 200 ppb 4.1 bar,
up to 500 nm A, G, S, D

Petainer vs Bag-in-Keg Data – 4 Weeks Coupled

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