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UK Phoenix

Has the ability to complement all beer styles and sits neatly between old and new-world aromatics. Combines noble hop characteristics; herbal, peppery and floral with an undertone of lemon-citrus and dark fruits.

Suitable for

ESB, IPA, Bitter, Lager, Golden Ale, Stout, Brown Ale

Aroma Profile

Pine, Floral, Sweet Orange (Chocolate, Molasses)

Alpha Acid

Stored at 0-2 °C

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Phoenix is an unusual hop with high oil content making it a good alternative to a dual-purpose or bittering hop. Developed at the same time as Admiral, Phoenix is a seedling of Yeoman, developed at Horticulture Research International (HRI), Wye College in the UK and released for general cultivation in 1996. It is still a little-known hop as it was originally grown and sold to just one brewer.

Phoenix has excellent fresh flavour characteristics including pine, floral, chocolate, molasses and slightly spicy notes. Brewers have reported interesting findings when using it as a late hop addition. With substitutions such as Challenger, East Kent Golding and Northdown, Phoenix performs well as a replacement for high alpha or dual-purpose hops. Late hop additions for aroma have produced good results.

Phoenix produces good-sized cones well down the bine. A versatile and robust variety, with a high tolerance to wilt, resistance to strains of powdery mildew, but susceptible to downy mildew. It has excellent storage stability.

” The Phoenix from Brook House Hops is quite different to the classic descriptors of the hop I have come across. We have found it to give orange character, both sweet orange, and a nice marmalade note. On sensory of the raw hop we found some lighter floral and fruity top notes. We have not brewed a single hop beer with this…yet… but I would be confident it would do well. Brook House Phoenix is night and day different. In fact I think the rule book with regards English Hop usage will need a rewrite soon with all the good work Brook House are doing :)”   – Head Brewer DEYA

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