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Nelson Sauvin

Nelson Sauvin was developed at New Zealand Hort Research, this variety was bred using a native Smooth cone and a selected local male. It was launched around 2000 and offers fresh crushed gooseberry aromas along with lychee, mango and spicy notes.

Suitable for

American Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, Pale Ale

Aroma Profile

Gooseberry, New World White Wine

Alpha Acid

Stored at 0-2 °C

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Nelson Sauvin hops offer a unique flavour profile that is perfect for certain styles of beer. The hops have a fresh, crushed gooseberry aroma that is followed by lychee, mango and spicy notes. This combination of flavours makes the Nelson Sauvin hops perfect for use in pale ales, IPAs and other types of hoppy beers.

Some breweries that have used Nelson Sauvin hops in their beers include Firestone Walker Brewing Company, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company and Dogfish Head Brewing Company.

Nelson hops are a New Zealand variety that has a unique tropical fruit flavour. They are often used in IPAs and other pale ales and can add a lot of flavour and complexity to the beer. Nelson hops are also known for their floral aroma, which can be quite strong. Some brewers also use them for dry hopping, which can add even more hop flavour and aroma to the beer.

Nelson hops are a type of hops that are grown in Nelson, New Zealand. Nelson hops are known for their citrus and tropical fruit flavours, which makes them a popular choice for IPAs and other types of craft beers. Nelson hops are also known for their strong aromas, which can be smelled from up to 100 feet away.

The Nelson Sauvin hop is a variety of hops that is known for its unique flavour. It is often used in pale ales and IPAs, and it has a fruity, citrusy flavour that is quite distinct. Some of the most popular beers that use Nelson Sauvin hops include Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Stone IPA, and New Belgium Ranger IPA. These beers are all highly rated and popular among craft beer drinkers. If you’re looking for a beer with a unique flavour, be sure to try one that uses Nelson Sauvin hops. You won’t be disappointed.

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2020, 2021

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