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Released in 2013 by Washington State University, Cashmere is the daughter of a female Cascade and Northern Brewer male. A fresh and fruity hop strain, it gives aromas of peach, tangerine, lemon and melon.

Suitable for

Saison, Sour, IPA

Aroma Profile

Peach, Tangerine, Lemon, Melon

Alpha Acid

Stored at 0-2 °C

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Released by Washington State University in 2013, Cashmere is a daughter of Cascade,
containing Northern Brewer germplasm through the male parent. It contains higher alpha
acid content than Cascade and twice as much humulene providing smooth bitterness and
a mild citrus fruit aroma.

A fresh and fruity hop strain, it is great for dual usage and gives aromas of peach, tangerine, lemon and melon. With delicate yet strong aromas of tropical and stone fruits, Cashmere works well in sours or more punchy ales. You can sometimes also get aromas of coconut, lemon peel or an edge of grapefruit and if you add it to the boil, notes of coriander and spice are added.

Medium to late maturing, Cashmere is moderately resistant to different types of mildew and blight and has excellent storage credentials.

Due to its low co-humulone levels, expect smooth bitterness with little astringency when used as a bittering addition. Little, if any, of its bright fruit flavours will make it through the boil of a bittering addition.

Later additions will preserve more of the aromas and flavours derived from he hop. And the later is used, the more of the sweet citrus, melon and coconut will come through.

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