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Centennial is a dual-purpose hop, first bred in 1974 by Washington State University and released in 1990. It has excellent bittering properties and gives citrus, floral and resinous notes with a focus on lemon.

Suitable for

Pale Ale, IPA, Wheat Beer, ESB

Aroma Profile

Floral, Lemon, Resinous, Citrus

Alpha Acid

Stored at 0-2 °C

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Bred in 1974 and released by Washington State University in 1990, Centennial is an aroma-type cultivar that has found favour as one of the most popular varieties in craft brewing. It is often referred to as a super-Cascade (containing nearly double the alpha content) and can be used for bittering purposes. Centennial is a diploid cross between Brewer’s Gold and a USDA male.

It has the perfect chemical and aroma profiles for IPAs and American-style pale ales, giving citrus, floral, and resinous notes with a focus on lemon.

Thanks to Centennial’s pleasant aroma, it is a hop popular with experimenters across the globe. Centennial is often lovingly referred to as super Cascade due to its similar citric flavours, but even Cascade can’t shine a light on Centennial in many brewer’s eyes. Centennial is a hugely celebrated hop and certainly packs a lot of style and flavour into any beer that uses it.

If you are wanting some beautiful lemony and floral tones in your next brew, Centennial is your perfect choice. Its bittering properties will provide the ideal base for your next bitter, and the flavours will leave every drinker of your next brew wanting more.

It’s no wonder that Centennial has been used by some of the best experimenters in the craft brew industry since its release. It is an excellent hop that can create some of the most palette-pleasing pales in the world! Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Centennial hops have a strong citrus aroma, with flavours of grapefruit, orange and tangerine. Some describe the flavour as being similar to a cross between Cascade and Columbus hops. They are also known for their floral aroma, which is most noticeable in dry-hopped beers.

There are many beers that use Centennial hops, as this hop variety is very popular among brewers. Some of the more well-known brands that use Centennial hops include Sierra Nevada, Stone Brewing, and Deschutes Brewery. There are also many smaller breweries and craft beer companies that make excellent beers with Centennial hops. If you’re a fan of hoppy IPAs, then chances are you’ve had a beer or two that uses Centennial hops.

Centennial hops taste like grapefruit because they share a similar essential oil composition.

One of the key compounds that contribute to grapefruit’s distinctive flavour is limonene. This terpene is found in high levels in both grapefruit and Centennial hops, which is why they share a similar taste.

The most bitter hops are Columbus, Warrior and Tomahawk. These are all American-grown hops that have a very high alpha acid content.

Alpha acids are the key compounds in hops that provide bitterness to beer, and they are also responsible for many of the desirable flavour characteristics of different hop varieties. Some hops, like Saaz and Hallertauer Mittelfrueh, have lower alpha acid contents and therefore produce beers with less bitterness.

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