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Hallertau Blanc (DE)

With a complex aroma profile, Hallertau Blanc hops are commonly used in US beer styles, usually late in the boil or as a dry hop addition. Its abundance of clean fruity flavours is said to invoke Sauvignon Blanc wines.

Suitable for

IPAs, Pale Ale, Wheat Beer, American Ales

Aroma Profile

Citrus, Tropical, White Wine, Stone Fruit, Grapefruit

Alpha Acid

Stored at 0-2 °C

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Bred at the Hop Research Institute in Hull and released in 2012, Hallertau Blanc was commercialized as a new, German aroma variety in response to growing demand from the craft beer industry for distinct flavor profiles. Hallertau Blanc is the daughter of Cascade and displays a wide variety of tropical fruit, stone fruit, white grape and citrus flavours.

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