Black Bear Black Malt

Identical in flavour with high end chocolate malt, but higher in colour.

Suitable for

Ales, Porters, Stouts

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Black malt is produced by roasting kiln dried malt to temperatures of up to 240°C for slightly longer periods of time than regular Chocolate Malt. Water is used to extend the roasting time and for quenching and cooling at the end of a roast to prevent combustion.

Additional information

Weight25 kg
IOB Extract 0.7mm dry basis277 min
EBC Colour1300 – 1600
Typical Profile

Heavily Roasted, provides colour to beer. Depending on the quantity added, it can produce a deep red hue or a rich dark black. A dry biscuit with roasted coco bean flavour, less astringent and more friable than Roast Barley. No enzymatic potential.

Typical Usage3-12% addition to mash tun with base malts
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