Dead Straight Amber Malt

Dry, light biscuit flavour with slight coffee undertones

Suitable for

Golden Ale, IPA, American Style Pale Ale.

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Looking for an amber malt that will impart a dry, light biscuit flavour to your brew?

Look no further than Pauls Malt Amber Malt. This malt is perfect for use in golden ales, IPAs, and American-style pale ales.

With its low enzymatic potential and high usage rate (5-8% addition to a mash tun with base malts), this malt is a great choice for brewers looking to add body and flavour to their beer without breaking the bank. So don’t wait – grab some Pauls Malt Amber Malt today and see what all the fuss is about!

Amber malt is a type of malt that is used in brewing beer. It imparts a light to medium colour and a mellow, toasty flavour to the beer. Amber malt is made by heating a barley grain until it changes colour from pale yellow to light amber.

Not all amber beers are malty, but most of them are. The malt taste in beer is usually a result of the type of grain that is used to make the beer. Pale ales and IPAs usually don’t have a strong malt flavour because they are made with lighter-coloured grains like barley, wheat, or rice. Amber and brown ales, on the other hand, are typically brewed with darker-coloured grains like Munich malt, which gives them that characteristic malty flavour.

There is some variation among brewers on what colour “amber” ale actually is, but it’s generally light to medium brown. Brown ales tend to be darker, almost reddish-brown in colour. Some people might call a dark beer a “brown ale”, while others might reserve that term for beers that are lighter in colour. So there’s some ambiguity there. But generally speaking, brown ales are darker than ambers.

Amber beer is a type of beer that gets its name and distinctive colour from the use of darker malts during the brewing process. The result is a richer, more robust flavour that sets amber beers apart from their lighter-coloured counterparts.

Many amber beers also have a higher level of alcohol by volume (ABV) than regular beers, so they can pack a bit more of a punch as well. Overall, amber ales are fuller-bodied and slightly sweeter than regular beers, making them a popular choice for craft beer lovers looking for something a little different.

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