Keep Flying Maris Otter

Pauls Maris Otter, the classic British variety of barley used in the most famous ales of the UK

Suitable for

Ales, IPA, Pale Ale, Porters and Stouts

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Maris Otter Malt – Introduced in 1965, Maris Otter barley is one of the oldest varieties still used to produce high quality malt for breweries around the world. It is particularly popular amongst our craft brewing customers due to its ease of use and marketability is the perfect base malt to create those traditional real ales.

100% British Maris Otter barley specifically tailored by our maltsters for the needs of the craft brewer. Smaller designated craft malt batches are malted in our Boby Malt house in Bury St Edmunds, UK to achieve a unique Maris flavour with a deeper colour and sweet biscuit flavour.

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