Mark 5 Medium Crystal

Less sweet than light crystal, with stronger roasted taste.

Suitable for

German-style Lagers, Ales, Pale Ales, IPA, Porters (for sweetness).

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Malting Barley with a high germinative energy and low nitrogen, that has undergone steeping and germination, is stewed in a roasting drum, where the endosperm liquefies into a sugary solution and crystallizes during kilning to a glassy sugar.

IOB Extract 0.7mm dry basis 284 min
EBC Colour 150 – 190
Typical Profile

It gives a an amber to red hue in higher proportions. Rich in reducing sugars, it provides delicious caramel sweet flavours, additional body, and flavour stability. No enzymatic potential.

Typical Usage 2-10% (as high as 20% to strong beers) addition to mash tun with base malts.
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