Dried Yeast

Dehydrated Voss

A yeast strain isolated from a farmhouse blend from the Voss region in Norway. Ferment at higher temperatures (30-38°) to produce and orange/ cirusy aroma that works well with New World Hops.

Suitable for

Amber Ale, Brown Ales, Double IPAs, Imperial Stouts, IPAs, NEIPAs, Pale Ales, Porters, Red Ales, Stouts, West Coast IPAs

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This yeast strain is isolated from a farmhouse culture in the Voss region in Norway. Extremely thermotolerant, it can be pushed as high as 40 degrees Celsius to increase the ester profile. Produces orange and citrus esters, which work well with New World hops. Perfect for high gravity brewing, it also has a very high ABV tolerance.

Brewers looking to add some Norwegian flair to their beer should consider using Dehydrated Voss. With its extreme thermotolerance and ability to produce orange and citrus esters, this yeast strain can add a unique flavour profile that is perfect for New World hop-forward beers.

Kveik yeast is a unique type of yeast that has been used for centuries in the brewing of Scandinavian farmhouse ales. These ales are characterized by their intense flavours and aromas, which are thought to be due in part to the use of kveik yeast.

Kveik yeast is a fast-acting yeast that can ferment at high temperatures, making it well suited for brewing traditional farmhouse ales. It also produces high levels of esters and phenols, which contribute to the intense flavour profile of these beers.

Kveik yeast is believed to be a descendant of the Norwegian Kveik yeast, which was used to brew traditional ale styles such as faro and vossaøl.

Brewers have found that Voss Kveik yeast ferments quickly, often taking only a few days to complete the process. This makes it a great choice for brewers who are looking for a quick turnaround time for their beers.

In addition, because the yeast is so fast-acting, it tends to produce very clean and crisp beers, with little in the way of off-flavours. This makes it a popular choice among brewers who are looking for a high-quality finished product.

Voss kveik should be pitched at a temperature of approximately 30-40°C. It is important to note that the optimal pitching temperature may vary depending on the specific strain of Voss kveik that is used. For best results, it is recommended to pitch the yeast at a temperature that is as close as possible to the optimal pitching temperature for the specific strain.

Kveik yeast is a unique type of yeast that is used in a number of different beers. Some of the most popular beers that use Kveik yeast include Farmhouse Ales and Saisons. Kveik yeast is known for its ability to create complex and flavorful beers, and it has become increasingly popular among brewers in recent years.

Kveik yeast is a fairly new addition to the brewing world, and it originated in Norway. It was traditionally used by farmers to make beers for their own consumption, and it has a long history of being used in traditional brewing methods. Kveik yeast is known for its ability to produce high levels of alcohol and esters, which gives the beer a complex flavour profile.

Brewers have started to take notice of Kveik yeast in recent years, and it has become increasingly popular among craft brewers. Many brewers believe that Kveik yeast can create some of the most flavorful beers around, and it has become a favourite among beer enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a unique and flavorful beer, be sure to try one made with Kveik yeast.

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Weight0.5 kg


28-38° 40-120g/hl


For quality control, we recommend direct pitching to the wort inside the fermentation vessel. Aeration and nutrient addition is recommended but may not be needed on Gen ).


4-10° in dry conditions



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