Lactobacillus Plantarum Dehydrated

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A dehydrated lactobacillus culture for kettle souring and mixed fermentation.
Produces a quick clean pH drop and a citrus aroma that pairs nicely with both fruit and hops. IBU intolerant.

Use 10g to 25g per 100l of wort, pitch at 35-37C for quickest souring.

We recommend to use no hops in the kettle at all if kettle souring.

Top tip for a quick sour in the fermenter pair with one of our kveik products to get souring and fermentation at the same time at 35/36C. If you repitch this yeast into another IBU negative wort you will also get fermenting and souring and this can be repeated multiple times.

Active dry bacteria (lactobacillus sp.), rehydration agent E491

Weight0.25 kg
YeastDried yeast
Beer StylesSours
Comparative StrainsSour pitch

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Weight0.5 kg
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