Dried Yeast

Dehydrated Saturated

Our Saturated yeast from WHC Labs is a top cropping English yeast that is the most popular of all WHC strains now in dried yeast format. This NEIPA yeast is the juiciest on the market, expect tropical fruit Esther and plenty of biotransformation, while maintaining good haze stability.

Suitable for

NEIPAs, Pale Ales, Imperial Stouts, West Coast IPA, Brown Ales

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The WHC Labs Saturated yeast strain is a top cropping NEIPA yeast of English origin. It produces a tropical fruit ester profile and induces biotransformation with hops. This strain has good haze stability and is recommended for use in brewing Brown Ales, Imperial Stouts, NEIPAs, Pale Ales, Stouts, and West Coast IPAs.

It is recommended to have a pitch rate of at least 50g per hl of wort for a standard gravity brew (1.045).

Hazy IPAs and NEIPAs are both types of IPAs that have a lot of flavours and a cloudy appearance. Hazy IPAs are generally less bitter than other IPAs and have more fruit flavours. NEIPAs are a newer type of IPA that has become popular in recent years.

They are typically more aromatic than other IPAs, with a lot of citrus and tropical fruit flavours. Some people say that they taste like juice, which is part of why they are so popular.

The New England IPA style of beer is a relatively new invention, having only been around since about 2010. This style of IPA is characterized by its strong hop flavour and aroma, as well as its hazy, cloudy appearance. The New England IPA style is thought to have been invented by brewers in the New England region of the United States, hence the name.

NEIPA, or New England IPA, is a beer style that originated in the Northeast region of the United States. It is characterized by its hazy appearance and juicy, tropical fruit flavours. NEIPAs are often brewed with high levels of US hops or NZ hops, which give them their intense bitterness and aroma.

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg

Top cropping NEIPA yeast of English origin with tropical fruit esther profile.

Dehydrated Saturated is a product developed by WHCLAB

500g packs contain the yeast species Saccharomyces Cerevisiae.

Oxygenation and/or rehydration may not be needed for generation 0 but may be beneficial.
It is recommended to have a pitch rate of at least 50g per hl of wort for a standard gravity brew (1.045). Pitch rate is between 50-120g/hl of wort.
Intended fermentation temperature: 19-22 degrees

Live Cells: >1100 CFU per gram
ABV Tolerance: 13%
Nitrogen Demand:Medium

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