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Yakima Chief Hops

A 100% farmer owned global hop supplier Yakima Chief Hops has served the global brewing industry for more than 30 years. Their mission is to foster connections between multi-generational family hop farms and the world’s finest brewers.
Owned by 15 hop growers from across the Pacific Northwest, Yakima Chief is uniquely positioned to tell the stories of where great beer begins. With a company rooted in family farming they value quality and transparency, but also innovation and sustainability making them a perfect fit with the philosophy at Brook House Hops.

Clayton Hops

A true family team, the three brothers running Clayton Hops are passionate not only about producing top quality hops for our discerning customers but also about the environmental well-being of their farms for generations to come.
Hops come from the Nelson region of New Zealand and are renowned worldwide by brewers for their unique aromas and flavours.

Pauls Malt

With a proud history stretching back to 1842 Pauls Malt are widely recognised as the go-to supplier for premium quality malted barley for beer and whiskey. Today Pauls Malt seek out the finest ingredients to create a wide range of specially designed craft malts, for the craft industry.


WHC propagate fresh quality yeasts and perform analysis on beer, cider, spirits, water and wine. With stringent quality control throughout their production process they are experts in the industry utilising next generation methods to grow a wide selection of brewing/distilling yeast suitable for many different types of beer.


Petainer are a global manufacturing business specialising in the production of low carbon, recyclable containers for a wide range of applications. Their high-quality Hybrid kegs are designed to reduce logistics costs and wastewater for breweries by eliminating keg washing. This provides significant savings on CO2 and improves efficiency and sustainability.

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